KS4 Curriculum

Options at Key Stage 4 are responsive in that they are designed around student choice, rather than pre-determined blocks.  Students study English Language and English Literature, Mathematics, Science and the majority are guided to choose four additional options. Students also continue to receive Physical Education, Personal Development/RE lessons and dedicated form tutorial time (including assemblies).

The vast majority of students at Key Stage 4 are encouraged to take History or Geography and many also choose a Modern Foreign Language. Currently, around 25% of students are entered for the English Baccalaureate.  This figure will increase to 56% by 2024/25.

*The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) is a performance measure showing the proportion of students who achieve a Grade 4 or more in English, maths, a science, history or geography and a language.

Students with additional needs have access to the full range of subjects at GCSE. We offer flexible pathways for a small number of students who may need to take alternative qualifications.

Year 10

SubjectHours per fortnight
English and English Literature8
Option Subjects (3)5
Option 4 (MFL or RE)5
Physical Education3
Character Development (inc. PSHRE and RSE)2

Year 11

SubjectHours per fortnight 2022/23
English and English Literature9
Option Subjects (3)6
Physical Education3
Character Development (inc. PSHRE and RSE)2