Heads of Year

There are five Heads of Year at John Willmott School. Their role is to ensure that the School’s virtues and standards are promoted and maintained throughout every aspect of the school day and work closely with families to support students throughout their school life.

Head of Year 7Miss S Woottonsharon.wootton@jws.bham.sch.uk
Leadership link for Year 7Mr S Fostersimon.foster@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Year 8Mr M Denvermartin.denver@jws.bham.sch.uk
Leadership link for Year 8Mrs G Aston
Mrs N Sturmey
gemma.aston@jws.bham.sch.uk natalie.sturmey@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Year 9Mr A Ahmedaamir.ahmed@jws.bham.sch.uk
Leadership link for Year 9Mr M Grovematt.grove@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Year 10Mr M Cannellmatt.cannell@jws.bham.sch.uk
Leadership link for Year 10Mrs L Nortonlucy.norton@jws.bham.sch.uk
Head of Year 11Miss N Noreennayla.noreen@jws.bham.sch.uk
Leadership Link for Year 11Mrs L Lockleylisa.lockley@jws.bham.sch.uk

We have three Progress Leaders.  Their role is to monitor the progress of each student in their linked year groups.

Phase Leader for Years 7 & 8Mr D Smikledemitrius.smikle@jws.bham.sch.uk
Phase Leader for Years 9 & 10Ms E Smartelizabeth.smart@jws.bham.sch.uk
Phase Leader for Year 11Mrs C Halfordcorrie.halford@jws.bham.sch.uk